Artificial Intelligence 11. August 2020

With AI to the autonomous enterprise


Managers and economists have long dreamed of creating an environment in which companies can one day manage themselves. Like in a Level 5 autonomous vehicle (self-driving), all processes and decisions are fully automated. All you have to do is state the goal. Then the system executes all the processes on its own.

The keen interest in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the context of optimizing corporate processes is grounded in this ambitious vision. With the popularity of AI research and development having already gone through two phases known as “AI winters,” many corporate decision makers now believe that AI is going to change the work life completely.

In addition to the possibilities for the development of new products and services, many managers hope that AI will finally allow us to take faster and more focused steps toward self-management.

Read the full article (German language) in the „Lünendonk – Handbuch Consulting 2020“.

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