• Hybrid Consulting is our way of supporting our clients in making their decisions reality.

    We combine the advantages of two separate worlds and blend management consulting and interim staffing.

We are internal externals who implement change together with our client teams.

We refer to our employees as Implementers. They are consultants and interim employees at the same time. Their job is to perform specific tasks within the company in their role as external resource while also enhancing the corresponding processes and structures.

We deliver results. Every day.

Management Consulting

Consultants bring a critical, outsider’s point of view to the table. They question things and contribute external knowledge from other companies and industries. That helps to initiate change and make businesses more competitive. What is often lacking, however, is a feeling for the reality their clients face.

Staffing companies are mostly used to manage HR bottlenecks. They are involved in processes and put decisions into action – every day. Although they come from outside the company, they often forget that their outsider’s perspective can be beneficial.


Hybrid Consulting

Seize the advantage and close the gap: Hybrid Consulting lets us be actively involved in a company’s day-to-day business without losing our critical outsider’s perspective. Our implementers are supported by Pull-Out Managers – experienced coaches who ensure that we never lose sight of the goal.

Our Team


Our implementation consultants work with clients at their place of business. They integrate themselves seamlessly into the client’s company and reliably fulfill the agreed-upon duties – in a well-structured, methodical manner. In addition, they think about how changes can be initiated and successfully made in day-to-day business. As change agents, they help the client’s employees adopt new approaches and get over their fear of change. This adaptability is an important factor, especially in an era of digital transformation!

Pull-Out Managers work from outside to make sure our implementers always maintain the right balance between coaching and implementation. What’s more, Pull-Out Managers keep in touch with our clients’ leadership to make sure that the ideas of the consultants and the client’s employees are also heard by the client’s decision-making bodies. As experts who move from project to project, they bring experience and ideas from other colleagues to the table that can be used in day-to-day business.

Pull-Out Manager

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